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Addiction is characterized by a progressive loss of control over the use of a substance or behavior. The user becomes obsessed with it despite adverse consequences and often vigorously denies the existence of a problem if confronted.

addiction (n.)


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10847 Leadership Way Bridgeville DE 19933

The Home of Hope will provide a recovery program for women using a proven faith-based model. Research documents that Teen Challenge has a success rate of more than 86%; compared to mainstream addiction recovery programs which have a success rate of less than 5% at a fraction of the cost of the current offerings of social programs in the State.


there is hope

Delmarva Teen Challenge is currently seeking funding to renovate and furnish four existing buildings to open the women’s center.  At the conclusion of this campaign, Home of Hope will be a debt free institution and will only need funding to sustain its program.

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Delmarva Teen Challenge



Through the completion of the Home of Hope Campaign, hearts and lives of women and their families all across the Mid-Atlantic region will be changed. Addiction will be overcome and broken relationships will be restored. But we need your help.

Current Funds as of 02/01/2018.